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Introducing templates for mental health and fitness. It is Wellness Course Workbook

Related content can be used for mental coaches, fitness coaches, and even the general individual. This template can help track how much you engage in sports activities that improve mental health and fitness.

Easily change all the content in the template from graphics, images, colors, and fonts to those available in Canva. Adjust the content to the marketing used.

Welcoming your audience

Start with how you greet your audience. Introduce who you are and what you will do. Use a style you love and be yourself.

This Wellness Course Workbook included 17 Specials pages to maintain your daily exercise. Don’t forget to self-care, and evaluate your exercise

Quote: Use excerpt pages to encourage or just words of motivation to give your audience a different spark.

CTA:¬†Don’t forget the links that keep you connected with your audience by using the cta page. Add any associated resources you have for them.


Canva templates (with instructional PDF to access your templates) Sizes included in both versions: US letter + A4

This Wellness Course Workbook includes 30 pages in both US letter + A4 sizes. You will have future access to all new updates/pages.


  • Once purchased, you will receive immediate access to the Wellness Course Workbook template.
  • Simply drag and drop your own content into each template in Canva and you’re set to go!
  • You’ll also be free to change any fonts and colors to match your own. Export your files to create your new resource.


  • As easy as you are registered as a Canva user, you can easily change the page style as you like without any additional software


FUTURE UPDATE: Let us know if you have the inspiration to add the page types and design templates you need to your workbook. We will design it

QUESTION: Still, confused? ask anything that makes you not understand. We are waiting for you at hello@creavora.com

Wellness Course Workbook


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