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Introducing Gradiena Gradient Newsletter Templates

The most popular brand efforts in retaining their customers as well as getting new customers are to distribute newsletters to each customer which contain information starting from new product releases, discount events, and even light articles that aim to educate customers.

Luckily, now you can do it easily by using Gradiena Gradient Newsletter Templates.

Making a newsletter through the website using HTML is an old thing and so slow. The HTML designs are also very limited too. It’s time to turn the oldest thing into manageable image newsletters with a variety of designs and easy to send to customers. So, say bye to the old ways!

What benefit are you get from using this:

  • Design matching with your brand
  • Each section aims to increase the click rate
  • You can easily use your custom fonts and don’t have to worry about the mail software issues that fail to render your custom fonts
  • There are various kinds of layout variations
  • Adjustments are short-lived and there’s no need to wait long for rendering time

Main features:

  • 40 pre-made templates
  • Flexibility: use blocks to create infinite combinations
  • You can easily change or delete unnecessary images or text with Canva
  • Design templates easily customize the display graphics on gadgets

Product Includes:

  • 40 CANVA Newsletter Templates
  • Free Update
Please Note:

We apologize because the available images from the template have been fully displayed and cannot use for your commercial needs

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