Common myths about freelance you should ignore

Common myths about freelance you should ignore

For anyone who seeks an ideal career path that escapes from a 9–5 career job, then freelancing can be the best option. Even while the freelancing job is soaring its popularity, unfortunately, like with many seemingly perfect career choices, there are still many common myths about freelancing. So, here are five myths surrounding freelance work that are just not true.

1. You are the Boss

One of the interesting things about being a freelancer is you can be your own boss. Yes, you can be the boss. You are able to set your working hours, are responsible for managing your own task, and you can choose how much you’d like to work.

Hold on!

Yet, in the reality of working as a freelancer, you will have more bosses than you ever have in a full-time job. Let’s say that your client is your boss. Every client has different demands, and some will be more hands-on than others. They will dictate much of what you do and don’t do.

2. Freelancers can’t earn good money

When I was starting out my first year of being a freelancer, whenever I’m telling people about what I do, some of them give me a look of confusion or concern. Well, another common myths about freelance is that freelancers cannot earn good money to feed themselves.

Here is the thing, there are times when a freelancer’s income fluctuates from month to month. There will be good months and not-so-good months. There are also times when you get drawn when you see the low income for the month. And there are also times when you earn very good money that makes you feel appreciated and enjoy your work.

It’s important for every freelancer to know exactly how they spend every month and calculate it. Then you will be able to estimate your living cost every month.

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3. Freelancers can work from anywhere, anytime

Many people assume that working as a freelancer means you can set your own schedule and so do your working place. It offers you a kind of freedom and you can work from anywhere you want.

I am sure that every freelancer wishes it were true. But in some reality, we can’t always rent expensive villas or sit in a fancy coffee shop to work every day.

Instead of that, freelancers need to consider their clients working hours to be able to communicate with them. Another thing to consider is productivity.

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4. You will have a lonely life

Another common myth about freelance that is a freelancer will have a lonely life. We live in an era where working alone is becoming more and more popular. It is true that as a freelancer you can work from home, at a coffee shop, or at a co-working space alone or with a small team.

Becoming a freelancer allows you to control your working space and with whom you will interact.

Nevertheless, you work as an independent worker, and joining a community and mentorship are still important. Yet becoming a freelancer doesn’t mean we can’t have fun or hang out with relatives. It means we have to allocate extra time to spend with our friends and family. Sharing work and inspiration, giving feedback, and a little friendly competition keep us motivated.

5. It is not a real business

The next common myth about freelance is that freelancing is not a real business.

People often make bad assumptions about freelancers. They tend to underestimate your work. It’s not because they don’t support you, but they just don’t understand freelancing work.

I know it is still frustrating to explain to people that freelancing is not an unsecured job to do for a living. Freelancing is real, it’s also meaningful just like other full-time employment.

If we compare freelancing to running a small business. You absolutely need to manage your work, set your working hours, pay taxes, negotiate with clients, and sign contracts. It means you run a real business.

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